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This web site consists of material contributed by a number of people, and it is their desire to share what meant a great deal to them in their life with you.  All involved have made sacrifices and expended personal resources to make this available to you.  We don't sell anything here, and ask nothing of you, EXCEPT, to respect our work and abide by the ALL RIGHTS RESERVED request.

That phrase, similar to the "copyright" notice everyone is familiar with, has become the "standard" notice used throughout the Internet.  It is just a simple reminder to you to please respect our work. Enjoy what you see and reflect back to the great adventures you had on one of those great ships; but please don't "remove" material from this site.  One can never justify for any reason the misappropriation of something that doesn't belong to them; and you don't have to do that to start with.

If you need something, simply write the person below, and explain what it is you want to use; how, why and where you want to use it .......  You can then be registered, and permission granted to use it. With that permission comes the "customary" requirement that you show the source of the material.  You will then be listed on a special page on this site as having received that permission and thus there can never be a question by anyone about how you obtained the material.

This site is not only for those who want to visit, but for those who want to participate and contribute.  We do not accept funds -- only material   ("text" like stories, data, and pictures ....).  If you have material you would like to donate to the site just contact the person below.

If you see portions of this website on the Internet or in published material please notify the person below.

James Hyatt - yohi48@aol.com



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Gen D. E. Aultman 156
Gen F. C. Ainsworth 181
Gen A. E. Anderson 111
Gen C. C. Ballou 157
Gen W. M. Black 135
Gen J. C. Breckinridge 176
Gen T. H. Bliss 131
Gen A. W. Brewster 155
Gen J. R. Brooke 132
Gen Simon Bolivar Buckner  Formerly Adm E. W. Eberle 123
Gen Omar  Bundy 152
Gen H. W. Butner 113
Gen R. E. Callan 139
Gen E. T. Collins 147
Gen Wm. O. Darby
Formerly Adm W. S. Sims
Gen Le Roy Eltinge 154
Gen O. H. Ernst 133
Gen H. B. Freeman 143
Gen Hugh J. Gaffey 
Formerly Adm W. L. Capps
Gen W. H. Gordon 117
Gen A. W. Greeley 141
Gen W. G. Haan 158
Gen W. F. Hase 146
Gen M. L. Hersey 148
Gen Stuart Heintzelman 159
Gen H. F. Hodges 144
Gen R. L. Howze 134
Gen W. C. Langfitt 151
Gen W. A. Mann 112
Gen J. H. McRae 149
Gen M. C. Meigs 116
Gen William Mitchell 114
Gen C. G. Morton 138
Gen C. H. Muir 141
Gen Alexander M. Patch
Formerly Adm R. E. Coontz
Gen Edwin D. Patrick
Formerly Adm C. F. Hughes
Gen M. M. Patrick 150
Gen John Pope  110
Gen G. M. Randall 115
Gen W. P. Richardson 
Formerly Gen R. M. Blatchford 
Gen Maurice Rose 
Formerly Adm Hugh Rodman
Gen H. L. Scott 136
Gen G. O. Squier 130
Gen M. B. Stewart 140
Gen S. D. Sturgis 137
Gen Daniel L. Sultan
Formerly Adm W. S. Benson
Gen Harry Taylor 145
Gen Nelson M. Walker
Formerly Adm H. T. Mayo
Gen W. Weigel 119
USAT U.S. Grant 29
USAT Thistle .
USNS Barrett 196
USS Golden City 169
Marine Adder 193
Marine Angel .
Marine Cardinal .
Marine Carp 199
Marine Falcon .
Marine Devil .
Marine Flasher .
Marine Fox .
Marine Jumper 200
Marine Lynx 194
Marine Marlin .
Marine Panther .
Marine Phoenix 195
Marine Ravin .
Marine Robin .
Marine Swallow .
Marine Serpent 202
Marine Shark .
Marine Tiger .
Marine Wolf .
President Cleveland .
President Jackson  - [APA] 18
President Monroe  104
President Polk 103
President Tyler .
President Wilson .
Pvt. Eldon H. Johnson 184
Pvt. William H. Thomas 185
Sgt. Charles E. Mower 186
USNS  Frederick Funston 178
USNS Geiger 197
USNS Henry Gibbins  183
USNS James O'Hara 179
USS Republic 33
USS David C. Shanks 180
USS Starlight 175
USNS Upshur 198
USNS Washington .
Acadia .
Alexander, Edmund B. .
Algonquin .
Barry, Thomas H. .
Bermuda, Queen of .
Brazil .
Bridgeport .
Cristobal .
Ernie Pyle .
Etolin .
Ericsson, John .
Goethals, George W 182
Holbrook, Willard A .
Huddleston, Jarrett M .
Jefferson, Thomas - [APA] 30
Lurline .
Madaket .
Mariposa .
Mary, Queen .
Monterey # 2 .
Monterey # 1 .
Orizaba 24
Parker, James 46
Paula, Santa .
Siboney .
Saturnia .
Simmonds, George S .
St Mihiel 32
Stafford, Charles A. .
St. Olaf .
Vulcania .
Washington, George .
Vance, Zebulon B .


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Although many contributed material for the creation of this page - names appear on the pictures themselves or in some other form; much of the data was provided by Mr. Charles F Ulrich, Commodore and Historian, AP Transport Reunion Group - which represents 16 of the ships listed.  We wish to thank him, and his staff - especially Charles R Boland, for the wonderful memories our alumni now recall after having been stimulated by seeing the names, and pictures, of those great ships that took us to a land and school we so dearly love. I also wish to recognize the documents he provided, from which some data was obtained.

Transports of World War II, by Roland W Charles - Jan 1947

TWILIGHT of the TROOPSHIP, by Commander David H. Grover, U.S. Navy Reserve, Dec 1995

Farewell to the Troopship, by Winn B Frank, Jan/Feb 1997

MSTS "Decals" from Vern Wriedt and Kelly Speer.



This site has been formatted for 800x600 resolution.   Although it can be viewed in higher resolutions, the alignment and content of the pages can BEST BE VIEWED IF YOU SET YOUR RESOLUTION TO 800X600

We apologize for the poor quality of some pictures; however, we thought you might at least be interested in seeing what we have - even if it is only a silhouette - the "detail" having been lost during the 'reproduction' processes. Some pictures were 3rd or 4th generation "copies" of an original that was first copied to "reproduction" paper at a local print shop.  

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