AP   198


BUILT:  19??  BEAM:  73'  DRAFT:  27' 
LENGTH:  533'   CARGO [cu ft]:     PASS [troop ship]:  2,000  
PROPULSION: Turbine   RADIUS [miles]:  TONS:  19,600

Ihe Barrett, Geiger and Upshur were identical ships (P2-S1-DN1). 



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The USNS Barrett, Geiger, and Upshur were identical ships.  All three of these fine vessels were transferred to the Maritime Administration in 1973.  They were converted to Training Vessels for three state maritime academies (NOT the federal Maritime Academy, Kings Point).  They continued to be listed in the Ready Reserve Fleet as troopships until they each were replaced by more modern vessels.  Here is their history since 1973.

USNS Barrett - Maintained and operated by State University of New York Maritime Academy.  Renamed EMPIRE STATE V.  Replaced by EMPIRE STATE VI (Ex- M/V MORMACTIDE) in 1988.  Sent to James River for final disposition.

USNS Geiger - Maintained and operated by Massachusetts Maritime Academy. Renamed BAY STATE.  Replaced by PATRIOT STATE (Ex- M/V SANTA MERCEDES) in 1984.  Scrapped due to extensive damage from engine room fire. 

USNS UPSHUR - Maintained and operated by Maine Maritime Academy.  Remaned STATE OF MAINE.  Replaced by STATE OF MAINE (Ex-USNS Tanner, TAGS-40) in 1997.  Removed from active ship rolls. Currently berthed/beached at approaches to Mobile Bay.  Used for DC training and research by USCG and MARAD.

Best Regards,
Brian G. Deschenes
former Ship's Officer
T/V State of Maine (Ex-USNS Upshur)
October 2002