1946 - 1947


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1946 - "South Pier"

Note jetty (breakwater) on left and right with lighthouse on each end at entrance to inner harbor. 


10 August 1947

Arrival of Gen Fred Crayton Ainsworth from Seattle

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Approaching "inner harbor", passing "outer harbor" anchor buoy, picking up "Pilot".  Note both lighthouses, one on right obscured in fog - just barely visible.


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Passing  "outer harbor" anchor buoy.


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Approaching Yokohama side lighthouse. 
In background, Yokohama city top right.


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Passing lighthouse.


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Entering "inner harbor".


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British cruiser at anchor. "Sunk" Japanese aircraft carrier behind cruiser.
"Bluff" in background. Honmoku area left background.


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Out going freighter.


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Freighter at anchor.  Yokohama City in background.


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Tug taking instructions from "Pilot".


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"Pilot" and Captain