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Please note that the map shown [the data shown in black color] is a 1964 creation  and that many places identified thereon which were previously located somewhere else, or were subsequently moved -- even renamed -- from where shown.

The exact and total locations of the schools, and related facilities, at Yokosuka during the period 1947 to present are unknown.  For example, we know that a teen club existed as early as 1952, and that a kindergarten + existed shortly there after but have not a clue as to their location. 

We know that the high school moved from Yokohama in 1971 into a building at Yokosuka formerly known as the "Marine Barracks" -- which was and is as shown on this map.  We know that a NEW school building was constructed on that site to replace the "Marine Barracks" about 1991, and of course the high school is presently at the same same location. 

Sharon [Holtman] Goessman who attended school at Yokosuka in 1971-1978, indicates that the "OFFICERS MESS", shown on the map as such, in the 1970's was the "EM CLUB"; the body of water under the word "TEEN CLUB" was filled in about 1972 and a year later high-rise apartment buildings were built on it.  She further says: "where it is marked as Sullivan Elementary, it was Sullivan Middle in the 70's, I attended there for 6th grade (1973). Sullivan Elementary was located over by where the old teen club located, I attended that for 4th and 5th grade (1971-73).  Seventh and tenth grade was at Yohi in the Marine barracks.   They moved 7th and 8th grades to the high school in 1974 so I was there from 1974 - 1978".

If you are aware of any information that would be helpful to document the location and "years" of these school facilities please let us know.