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Betty J [Reichard] Austin  [inset photo from 1947] arrived in Yokohama with her mother and brother on 10 August 1946 on board the liner Monterey -- the 2nd ship to carry dependents to Japan.  Her Father, Col Reichard, was Commanding Officer of the 46th Engineer Construction Battalion located in Yokohama.   Col Reichard was responsible for construction of the "Dependent Housing" known as Area 1 and Area 2 at Nasugbu Beach. 

Betty attended and graduated from St Joseph College, Yokohama, Japan, Class 1947, attended 46-47.

They returned to the United States in April 1949.

Betty has provided us with a very interesting and valuable selection of material from her personal collection for use on the web  site.  She felt it important to document certain events that she witnessed in Yokohama -- else they be lost forever.  We are very grateful to Betty for providing the memorabilia that follow, which include photos of:

* Construction of Area 1 and Area 2.

* Yokohama American High School, and other key facilities.

* Parades held in Yokohama City.

* Local scenes of Yokohama and elseware.

* Ships - including the Admiral Sims.

* Col Murray trial.


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Photos courtesy of Betty J [Reichard] Austin