First Row: V Keppel, C Stone, F Haggard, M Parkhurst, J Jacobson.

Second Row: S Zieman, C Allgair, R Toth, B Ancira, D Standart, W Britton, D Post, J Houston, T Ramsey, D O'Brien, S Towner, C Culver, C Lavery, G Gagnon, D McIllaney.

Third Row: L Adams, R Steere, S McGarry, P Wintersteen (Standing), D Matteer, D Sneen, B Myers, D Stidham, J Jones, B Herzke, R Melchiorre, (seated) C Dodd, C Swearingen, D Culver, S Zieman, R Ruzek, M Fujimoto, J Haggard.

Not Shown: G Fish, P Neuschwanger, C Royer, T Phillips, J Stamford, C Newman, D Sweet, Mr Mayerson - Director.


These are the trophies our school music groups won in the International Music Contest, competing against over 200 entries. The band took first place in the Instrumental Division, and the Melloteens third place in the Choral Division.



Brenda, Marilyn, Lynda, Karen, Patty, Pat, Carol, Jo Lou, Ginny



Center: Gayle Burman (Captain)

Left to right: Marilyn Miller, Patty Becker, Lynda Dahlen, Sharon Butcher, Paula Maines, Margie Berry.

Not Shown: Sue Perry, Rita Acock, Darlene Cutler.

Photos from Eric Davis 1956 Yearbook