Mr Arthur Mooney



First row: Kaye Hoefke, Jo Banke, Joyce Knepper, Babs Curliss, Sue Berryman, Mary Jo Webber, Carol Decker, Georgia Neblett, Connie Dodson, Jane Grassman.

Second row: James Hunt, Pat Kelley, Genevieve Fujimoto, Barbara Light, Bobbie Olson, Maxine Plapp, Rose Charles, Priscilla Welbon, Dorothy Aoyama, Mark Craig, Howard Shurtleff.

Third row: Bill Wilson, Jimmy Forsee, John Jeffrery, Curtis Russell, Marda Frey, Sue Nelson, Dona Pullen, Phyllis Adkinson, Lois Brunke, Bill Crossley.

Fourth row: Jimmy McCoy, Terry Irwin, Pete Wilson, Skip Sheppard, Howard Gonding, Dave Williams, Ed Van Tassel, Warner Millson, Richard Keek, Dick Shaw, Jon Shaw.



They build too low, who build below the sky.


Dear Lord, now that we are leaving the securities of our past lives, and entering into something new, we all ask for Thy Guidance. Lead us through the many pitfalls and obstacles we shall encounter, and give us Thy strength to lean on in time of need. We thank Thee for Thy help in the past and pray our lives will be ones of success in Thine eyes. Amen.



Standing: Bob Cumberledge (VP) Jane Grassman (Sec-Treas), Jon Shaw (Pres).

Seated: Miss Marilyn Wollmann, Miss Frances Voss - Advisers.



R Shaw (VP), A Pullen (Treas), B Moats (Pres), B Fargo (Sec), B Pulliam (Sponsor).



Back row: J Maxwell, C Chang, S Copeland, P Langan, P Andry, S Stallard, W Villemez, A Muirhead.

Center row: G Kaneko, B Campbell, J Mays, M Fujimoto, J Yohe, L Bucks, J Williams, B Gentry, B Pulliam - sponsor.

Front row: H Churchill, R Shaw, M Craig, S Marren, B Fargo, J Dowd, A Irwin, A Pullen, B Moats.


The Student Council is a form of government made up of representatives and alternates elected from each homeroom. The president is elected by the student body and other officers are elected by members of the student council. Meetings, were means for improving the school are discussed, are held twice a month.

This year the student council has helped to organize a few clubs, collect money for the Japanese Nationals for Christmas, and attend a joint meeting with Meguro and Narimasu student councils.


Photos from Philip Axelrod's 1955 Yearbook unless otherwise noted