This is the only document known to exist when the school was named Yokohama American School. When the school resumed in September 1947 after "summer" vacation it was named Yokohama American High School (YO-HI). The President of the Board (lower left) is unknown (maybe Leland B. Sherman); however the Principal (lower right) is Loren McCartney, who remained in that position till the summer of 1949.

As some 1946-47 students later discovered, the "Calvert System" was not recognized in some U.S. school districts, although it was widely recognized by educators for its quality and fine preparation of students of missionaries, State/Mil personnel, overseas business folks, etc. as well as folks in remote parts of the US. Placement of students was, upon return to formal school systems, the decision of local school administrators. In Bill deCamp's case, he was placed according to his normal progression to a 1952 high school matriculation because the school officials at the West Point School at the US Military Academy believed he should be in the second semester of 8th Grade because: (1) he had been advanced from 7th Grade (in Honolulu's Punahou Academy) to 8th Grade at YAS upon arrival from Hawaii to Yokohama in late November 1946, based on Calvert's extensive testing of grade level competence, and (2) the new (as YoHi) Meguro American HS, where he was a freshman (9th Grade) for 2/3ds of Fall 1947 semester, was an unknown quantity to them. At that time, all the new American High Schools (the case re. Meguro) in Japan were deeply involved in gaining accreditation as part of the new Occupation Forces School System. Bill went on from USMA, West Point, School to Nyack, NY HS for his first-half of the 9th (Freshman HS) Grade, then transferred to Sendai American High School for the second half, remaining and graduating in the Class of 1952 in June 1952. Thus, he has four and a half years of schooling in Japan: in Yokohama, Tokyo and Sendai.

Some "browsers" will display the document in such a way as to make the small text unreadable, thus it reads as follows:


This is to certify

that William S. de Camp

has successfully completed the Calvert

Course of study for Grade EIGHT

and is promoted to Grade NINE

this thirtieth day of May in the year of

our Lord, nineteen hundred forty seven.


Document provided by owner, William S. deCamp, Class 1952, 47-47,

Major General, U.S. Army, Retired.