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Over the years there have been several web sites (organizations like Brats, Military Brats Online, TCK, etc.......  ) that have greatly assisted you, our YOHI site, and or me personally in an effort to find lost alumni -- some of my relationships with these organizations go many years.

In recent months MILITARY-BRATS REGISTRY, and its founder Marc Curtis, has become the leader in advancing the capability of military brats alumni to find one another around the world. For example, his announcements throughout the country in Newspapers and elsewhere explaining how easy it is for alumni to find one another using his web site, and then providing a simple and effective way to search that site and find a friend. 

I, for one would like to simply thank him for providing such a valuable alumni service, and suggest:

1 - You spread the word about Military-Brats Registry.

2 - If you are not already registered on his site, please do so.

3 - That you subscribe to his Newsletter -- "On The Move", a joint venture between Marc and Vann Baker of Military Brats Online -- thus taking advantage of a multitude of really interesting subjects relating to experiences of "brats". You can even write articles or announcements for publication there.   A truly great opportunity for fun and enlightenment.

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