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Very soon after the "occupation" of Japan began in 1945, the US Military established the only "English Language Radio Station" in an existing Japanese facility on the "Bluff" in Yokohama - that facility (only) still exists.

The radio service was later moved to Tokyo and became a part of the Armed Forces Far East Radio Network - location of "current" "station" unknown.

By courtesy of Paul Michaelis, included below are 4 segments that he recorded while he was in Yokohama in the 1968.

Before you click on the links, please read the explanations below.


10 second "play" time

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4 second "play" time

.1k - 1 MIN
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3 1/2 min "play" time

2.2k  - 5-10 MIN
load/download time


3 1/2 min "play" time

2.2k - 5-10 MIN
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If you have a top-of-the-line computer with a lot of RAM, the 'right' browser, all the 'plug-in's' needed, a compatible sound card with player then you probably can 'play' these songs directly from the CD.  To find out, click on the 'stereo' type [on/off] button at the top of each box.  If the song plays then you need go not further.

If it does not play, then your alternative is to individually download the files on this page to your hard drive from the CD as explained below [options 1 and 2]; or, 'copy' all the files [on the CD, or just the /sound directory] to your hard drive and access these files that way.

To copy all the files [or just a directory] to your hard drive was explained in the introduction to the CD.

Again, even after doing that, only if you have all the right equipment will the songs play.

If you want to attempt to download these files from here,

When you click on the first link in each section above it will either play or ask ask you to download and if the latter happens:

1 - A File Download Box appears on the screen.  This box ask you if you want to 1] open this file from it's current location, or 2] save this file to disk.

2 - Select option 1 or option 2 and press OK.


If you select option 1 -- "open this file from it's current location" -- the file will be loaded into the computer memory only [not on the hard drive] and you can watch the loading in a progress bar which will appear on the screen.   When the file is loaded into memory [not on the hard drive], your default audio player will automatically activate and play the file.  When finished playing, close your audio player and you will return to the web site page.  Once you close your audio player you cannot replay the file -- without going thru the above procedure again.


If you select option 2 -- "save this file to disk" -- a Save As box will appear and you must then select the location on your hard drive in which you desire to download the file.  After making that selection, press the save button and the file will be download to that location on your hard drive.

The size of the file is indicated during the download in thousands of bytes, and the approximate download times in minutes are indicated during the download.  Actual download time for you depends on many variables.

When the download is complete, you will be returned to the web site page.

To play the file you downloaded to your hard drive, you must, using internal procedures, go to the location where the file was downloaded and activate it by "clicking" or otherwise engage your audio player -- and it will play.

You may now retain that file on your hard drive and play it for as long as you desire.  However, when you no longer want the file on your hard drive, you must "delete" it using internal procedures.

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