The athletic and scholarship type trophies, awards and plaques earned by the school and its students are no longer available at the school, except those from the current decade.   

With one known exception, the disposition of all other trophies is unknown. Perhaps some could have been sent to the AMERICAN OVERSEAS SCHOOLS HISTORICAL SOCIETY.

The exception is: a real "basketball", which in itself was a "Championship" trophy from the 1948-49 era and had been on display at the school.  It was given to Edward Peralta (Class 1950 '47-'49) in the 1960's when he made a surprise visit to the school while in Japan, and was asked to make a presentation to the students about "how it was in the early years".   At a YOHI Reunion in 1988, Ed presented that basketball to the then Athletic Director - "Coach" Lawrence (Larry) Glaab - who was the person who created it.

Can anyone provide information as to the disposition of all the other trophies?