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In September/October 1947 it was decided by the "school" that the students in each class would select by vote a color for their class; and, each class would make a nomination to the "school" for selection of the "school colors". 

Below is the "Seinor Scoops" section of the 1st edition of the YOHI Echoes [Vol 1, Nr 1 - 17 Oct  1947] which documents the process: 




 The Senior Class elected the following people to their respective offices:

 President----------- Biff Barnes

 Vice-President ---  Frances Hagan

 Sec-Treas --------- Jim Hyatt

 Student Council - Tony Craver / Sharon O'Hanlon.

The Senior's decided on blue and white for their class colors while they nominated red and white for the school colors.  Also the Senior Class in selecting the winning name for the school paper, "Yo-Hi Echoes",   was rewarded with the privilege of having a party. There were a number of suggestions as to where to have the party, including the Grand Hotel, YAHS Gym, and even the Shanghai Bank, but so far nothing definite has been done along these lines.



Subsequently the "student body" by acclamation at a Pep Rally accepted  "RED AND WHITE" for the school colors and the red devil image.  The following extract from the same "Echoes" talks about the rally.




On the 13th of October at 6:30 PM, a pep rally was held at YAHS where there was a large bonfire out in the bus lot. The cheerleaders did a good job and  yelled a lot for the team,  then the members of the team were introduced. The rally was over about 7:45. Following the rally was a dance in the gym which lasted until 9:00 PM. Looked like everyone had a swell time!!