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Main entrance to school.  

Left: Pat Fox (Senior 1947/8) at "Guard House.  Yamate-Cho is the street to the left.

Above:  Yamate-Cho, Guard House, and "down ramp" of narrow road to school courtyard.  Road was also the service entrance to the school for logistical support.  High vertical windows are on the auditorium / gym.


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Auditorium / Gym on left.  Lower: entrance to classrooms, portal to school rear, admin / principal offices on right lower.  2nd floor Classrooms.


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Front view of auditorium / gym and student entrance.


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Closer view of portal, "fish" pond and admin offices


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"Fish" Pond foreground.  Lower: Admin offices, lunch room, faculty lounge.  Upper: classrooms.


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Playground (Courtyard), Guard house upper right.

"There in a photo in your early pictures of Yokohama American School that I recognize.  In the picture of girls playing softball I am certain that is Madge McEldowney pitching, with perhaps Carolyn Buck at bat.  Behind Madge is our eighth grade teacher whose name I forget.  She was a WAC as were others teaching that first year of the American school." - Submitted by Page Hartley


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Rear of School.  School Bus and POV Parking lot to the left of the picture.


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Rear of school


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Expanded view of courtyard.


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