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For your listening enjoyment we offer you a collection of songs in 3 different formats, subject to availability of equipment capabilities.

If you have a top-of-the-line computer with a lot of RAm, the 'right' browser, all the 'plug-in's' needed, a compatible sound card with player then you probably can 'play' these songs directly from the CD. 

To find out, pick a song that is 'linked' -- a underlined blue colored song title -- and if it plays then you you have the proper equipment and can play the 'linked' songs directly from the CD.

If it does NOT play, and for those songs for which no links have been established -- those not identified by underlined blue color titles -- then you have but one option -- download the files to your hard drive -- as explained in the introduction.

Again, even after doing that, only if you have all the right equipment will the songs play.