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Shortly after she went in commission with camouflage paint.


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The Richardson after it was sold to the Textron Company. It was renamed
the LEILANI for San Francisco-Honolulu cruise service in 1956


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In 1960 the LEILANI Was sold to the American President Lines and renamed PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT. She was redesigned for luxury-cruise service around-the world.

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In 1970 the President Roosevelt was sold to the Chandris Line under the
Greek flag. This time the most radical rebuilding took place both inside
and out. She was renamed the ATLANTIS


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Sailing under the name ATLANTIS

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Ex. Gen. Richardson AP 118  sailing under the name EMERALD SEAS


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The ex-Gen. Richardson AP118 now renamed OCEAN
EXPLORER I, laid up at Eleusis Bay in May 2000 and out of service. 

Courtesy of William M. Poole