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There appears to be several definitions for Y-TAC.

           Yokohama - Teen Activities Center

           Yokosuka   - Teen Activities Center

           Yokosuka   - Teen Age Club

Perhaps over the years it had all those names, but very little is know about Y-TAC.

What we know is that it is known to have existed in Yokosuka as early as 1952, when Dick Cook (Class 52) was it's President.  It was called the Y-TAC for Yokosuka Teen Age Club -- also referred to by the Navy as Fleet Activities-Teen Age Club, but it was always referred to as Y-TAC.  At that time [1952] it was located on the first floor of a two story barracks type building, in a location called " J " area.


The below map -- from 1961, and indicates the location of the present school buildings -- does show a "J" area in the top portion of the base.   Perhaps in the beginning Y-TAC was located there.  Hopefully over time an alumni who has all this information will be able to assist us.


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