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The exact and total locations of the schools, and related facilities, at Yokosuka during the period they are known to have existed is unknown. For example, we know that a teen club existed as early as 1952, and that a kindergarten + existed shortly there after but have not a clue as to their location.  We know that the high school moved from Yokohama in 1971 into the building formerly known as the "Marine Barracks" -- as shown on this map -- however; we believe a new high school building was built about 1991, but we do not know the location of that facility.  If you are aware of any information that would be helpful to document the location and "years" of these school facilities please let us know.  Additionally, we are unable to put captions on some pictures because we do not know the subject of the picture.  Please note that the map shown was created about 1964 and that many places identified were previously located somewhere else, or were subsequently moved from where shown.

Do you know why "Sullivans", and who they are? Sullivans was named after the five Sullivan brothers [Albert, George, Francis, Joseph and Madison] who died together on the same ship [USS Juneau] in WW II at Guadalcanal on 13 Nov 1942. 

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