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Please note that the map shown [the data shown in black color] is a 1964 creation  and that many places identified thereon which were previously located somewhere else, or were subsequently moved -- even renamed -- from where shown.

The exact and total locations of the schools, and related facilities, at Yokosuka during the period 1947 to present are unknown.  For example, we know that a teen club existed as early as 1952, and that a kindergarten + existed shortly there after but have not a clue as to their location. 

We know that the high school moved from Yokohama in 1971 into a building at Yokosuka formerly known as the "Marine Barracks" -- which was and is as shown on this map.  We know that a NEW school building was constructed on that site to replace the "Marine Barracks" about 1991, and of course the high school is presently at the same same location. 

Sharon [Holtman] Goessman who attended school at Yokosuka in 1971-1978, indicates that the "OFFICERS MESS", shown on the map as such, in the 1970's was the "EM CLUB"; the body of water under the word "TEEN CLUB" was filled in about 1972 and a year later high-rise apartment buildings were built on it.  She further says: "where it is marked as Sullivan Elementary, it was Sullivan Middle in the 70's, I attended there for 6th grade (1973). Sullivan Elementary was located over by where the old teen club located, I attended that for 4th and 5th grade (1971-73).  Seventh and tenth grade was at Yohi in the Marine barracks.   They moved 7th and 8th grades to the high school in 1974 so I was there from 1974 - 1978".

If you are aware of any information that would be helpful to document the location and "years" of these school facilities please let us know. 



We are unable to put captions on pictures because we do not know the subject of the picture.


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