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What an honor I have received. There are no words that can describe how I feel about my new "job". First, I must say THANK YOU to Jim and Iva for starting this site and maintaining it for us all the past 5 years. Without the site and their time, love, devotion and dedication, most of us would not have made contact with classmates and faculty that we now realize had quite an impact on our lives. It did take us awhile to get back in touch, but now that we have there are not many of us that want to lose each other again. You might say in some ways we have come full circle. While attending the reunion in Las Vegas last summer I had several people come up to me and say thank you….for taking them back to their hometown. As military brats a lot of students never had a hometown and many felt like by getting back together with everyone in that banquet room that they had finally gone home.

I am proud and honored to have the opportunity to work with Steve Norden 70. We have had the opportunity during the last year or so, to renew our friendship and I know that he will be a great partner to work with. He is as determined and enthusiastic as I am to keeping our YOHI world going and growing. As we both start with our new tasks I know that Jim and Iva will be providing us with a lot of support, patience and guidance as they have done in the past.

I am looking forward to working for all alumni of YO-HI, and hope that in the months to come that I will get to know many of you better. As Steve has said, regardless of what years you attended, most of us think of YO-HI as a school that was not divided by classes. Any comments or suggestions you have please let us know. If not, you can drop a note and just say "Hello"!!!

Jan  - Class 1970

A YOHI Red Devil till the end!!!