CLASS 1952





Attending School sporting activities, and other school sponsored trips. Etc. Spent lots of time at the NEAT NAC Club participating in various activities.


502B Area X Dec ’51, West Bluff Jan - Jun ’52, 202A Area 2 (behind the fences) Jul - Dec ’52, Departed Japan 19 Dec ’52 for Fort Campbell, Ky., with parents.

Quarter # 1 Quarter # 1 Quarter # 1


I can’t recall his name or the class he instructed at the Bluff, but I do remember him sitting cross legged on his desk grading test papers by stacking them all up in a pile, and making 5 separate stacks dealt out like playing cards; A, B, C, D and F, and pretending to record these grades in our daily records. He also said that when he took our tests or papers home at night, he threw them as a group down his steps, and the ones that went the furthest down the steps were given A’s, next B’s Etc. He had a knack for making his class interesting and informative, and the whole class idolized him.


Can’t separate out only one. As I remember, we all had good times together


I don’t think I had one as I had a girlfriend back in the states that took up all my "crush" feelings at the time.


The good times we all seemed to have while attending the Bluff and Beach High schools. They all seem to run together as the years have passed by. Just the general day to day experiences of personal relations with the YOHI gang.


Seeing Mt. Fuji as we pulled out on the USNS General Simon B. Buckner on our trip back to the ZI. I really think that was the first time I had ever seen Fuji from Yokohoma. Strange eh?


I can say that my time in Japan has had a broadening effect on my life as it gave me the experience to see other cultures and life styles first hand rather than just reading about it.


William Blake, found later thru the "YOHI Find-Um service", but unfortunately I managed to locate his wife some 6 months or so after he passed away. Jim Hyatt is the only one that I correspond with frequently thru E-Mail.


No one that I can bring to mind off the cuff.


Gosh, that taxes my memory but I seem to remember "The Little White Cloud That Cried" , "Wild Goose" and If your sweetheart sends a letter of goodbye, you’ll feel better if you "Cry", come to mind.


The thing that sticks in my mind is a trip to the beach which was a Senior Class trip as I recall. Of course the JR. Sr. Prom held in the Grand Ballroom of the hotel that housed the HQ of Gen. MacArthur. (The "Grand Hotel" or "Imperial Hotel" as I recall). . . . . .Here I am (left) with my best friend - Bill Blake - getting ready to pick up our date for that grand event in May 1952.



Attended Clarksville Consolidated High School in Clarksville, Tn. to complete 2 credits that I was unable to take my finals for in Japan. (This precipitated a weird chain of events). I was tutored through my Junior Year in High School as I was in the hospital gaining strength after contracting Polio in Nov ’49. I therefore did not attend the Jr/Sr Prom as a Junior. However, I did attend the Jr/Sr Prom as a Senior in both Japan AND Clarksville, Tn. Although I was not allowed to wear my cap and gown for the graduation ceremony as Japan omitted one credit from my records originally sent to Clarksville. By the time it was corrected, the ceremony was over with. Therefore, I never attended the Jr/Sr Prom as a Junior, but I attended the Prom twice as a Senior in both Japan and Clarksville, I have two diplomas (one from Japan and one from Clarksville, but never wore a cap and gown and never attended a graduation ceremony. After getting my High School records corrected, I entered Austin Peay State Teachers College in Clarksville and completed one quarter before my father was assigned to a second tour in Korea. My mom and I returned to Missouri. I attended Joplin Junior College in Joplin, Mo., where I earned an Associate in Arts Degree in 1955 and then attended Kansas University in Lawrence, Kansas for one year. I was never able to complete my final year of education toward my degree as I had to enter the work force and earn a living for myself. I have sometimes regretted not finishing my degree requirements but something always seemed to prevent my devoting the time or money to the effort.


Martial Status: I am married to the same lady I took the plunge with in 1959. Her name is Ruth Ann and she never attended YOHI ,(such is the pity). She hails from Joplin, Missouri, some 9 miles from my home town of Webb City. We met while we both were working at the Jasper County Welfare Office in Joplin, where I was employed as a Case Worker. Ruth and I live in Huntsville with my daughter Noel, and grandson Joseph. Noel is living with us while attending college to obtain a teachers certificate. Once she attains this goal, she will become self sufficient and will move to a place of her own. Then, I can start planning my retirement at last. Ruth and I will celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary on the 5th of June and we are looking forward to this big event.

Children: Donald Lynn, 22 Jun 61, Robert Andrew, 3 Dec 64, Noel Elaine, 4 Dec 66. 5 grandchildren with another due in Feb 99.  Donald Lynn and family are living in San Antonio, Texas where he is currently stationed with the Air Force. He recently received his promotion to Captain and he and family are doing very well. Robert Andrew is living with his family in Webb City, Mo where they are settling in with new jobs and a new (to them) home.


No I was never in service due to my physical condition resulting from Polio. However, in 1966 I did start my Civil Service career at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. In 1973 I had advanced from a GS-03 Supply Clerk, to the Grade of GS-09 as a Management Analyst, and located a GS-11 position in Galveston, Tx., with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. I was employed there until Dec ’77 when I accepted a lateral transfer to the Middle East Division Corps of Engineers in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. All this time my family was with me of course and they made the BIG transition to Saudi Arabia also. We stayed there until Sep ’84 when we returned to the states to a job with the U.S. Army Missile Command in Huntsville, "deep in the heart of" Alabama.


Huntsville, Alabama

If you remember me -- drop me a line! I look forward to hearing from my classmates!

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