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We're the kids from YO-HI, Our team will fight.

We've got the best teams, Here's to the Red and White.

We'll stand up for our school, Finest in the land.

We've got the best school in all Japan.


That song was submitted for insertion into this web site by Eric C Bachman - Class 1997. The year this song was created and the circumstances surrounding the group who created it, or it's use, are unknown 

September 1997

Subj: Yo-Hi fight song

Date: 12/16/2000 18:31:33 PM 

From: WHART38

To: Jameshjim


After visiting your web page and noticing the fight song with the notation of when the song was started and by whom, perhaps I can help. While the words have been changed a little, I believe I started the song in 1956.

Prior to the start of the All Far East Basketball Tournament I went to Paul Mayerson, the songs band director, with a suggestion for a fight song. The song was plagiarized from a school I'd attended in Southern Ohio (which was undoubtedly copied after one of the local colleges). During one of our early games Mr. Mayerson had the pep band strike up the song and it helped motivate both the team and students.

After all these years it's hard to remember exactly how the original words went (especially after reading the ones on your page), but here's how I recall them:

"Oh we're the kids from Yo-Hi, our team will fight

Here's to the best team, here's to the red and white (the red and white forever)

We're stand out forever, our boys will stand,

We've got the best team in all Japan".

The start of the third line isn't hitting home, but I can't recall how we went into the "our boys will stand". Perhaps Mr. Mayerson will be able to shed some light on this song.

I'm just proud it didn't fade from memory after that tournament.

Bill Hart





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