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With four exceptions ("A Hero Perished", "Model Behavior", "The Little Diplomat" and "Seventeen Days In Japan") we have not seen any of these documents. However, all have been recommended as being of interest to anyone who has been a Military "Brat", and in some cases specifically having attended school in Japan. Thus, I furnish this list, "as is".  If anyone knows of other publications that should be included please me.

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"A HERO PERISHED" Paul Baender Published by Univ of Iowa Press, Iowa City 52242, ISBN 0-87745-390-X, 1992 The Diary and Selected Letters of Nile Kinnick - see note 3.
"ARMY BRATS" William J Smith Story Line Press, 1991 .
"ARMY BRATS" Akkemay Washington Advocates, Oct 1986, ISBN 6300270637 VHS Video Edition/Tape
"BENEATH THE EAGLE'S WINGS" John Perry Curtis Book Sales, c1984, ISBN 0396078761 Americans in Occupied Japan
"BRATS" - Children of the American Military Speekout Mary R Truscott E.P. Dutton, Nov 1989, ISBN 0525248153 .


John W Dower ISBN: 0393046869, Hard Cover, 1st ed, 676pp, Publisher Norton, Ww, Mar 1999 Barnes and Noble - $20.96
"MILITARY BRATS" - Legacies Of Childhood Inside The Fortress Mary Edwards Wertsch Harmony Books, NY c. 1991, 1996, ISBN 0-9639260-3-9 see note 1


Tina (Lutz) Chow The article on Tina was published in the April 1992 edition of Vanity Fair. Tina Lutz graduated from YOHI Class 1968. She became a "Super Model", and associated with the "Beverly Hills Elite". Tina Chow's story is the classic woman's tale of the struggle to define herself. 
"POPCORN ON THE GINZA" Lucy Herndon Crockett William Sloan Asso, NY 1949 An informal portrait of post war Japan
"SEVENTEEN DAYS IN JAPAN" The Honorable U. Alexis Johnson The American Foreign Service Journal, Vol 23, No 7, July 1946 Washington DC see note 2
"STRANGERS AT HOME" - Essays on the effects of living overseas and coming home to a strange land Carolyn D. Smith c. 1996, ISBN 0-9639260-4-7 see note 1
"THE ABSENTEE AMERICAN" - REPATRIATES' PERSPECTIVES ON AMERICA Carolyn D. Smith c. 1991, 1994, ISBN 0-9639260-0-4 see note 1
"THE LITTLE DIPLOMAT" James M Lamont Jr In American Heritage, Dec 1995 Issue Lamont was a YOHI "grade schooler" in 1949 - see note 2
"THE RIGHT HAND OF POWER" The Honorable U. Alexis Johnson Prentice Hall, 1984, ISBN 013781139X He was Consul General in Yokohama in 1945-1949, and Ambassador to Japan in 1966, daughter member of "Bluff" Group
"THE UNKNOWN AMBASSADORS" - A saga of citizenship Phyllis Michaux c.1995, ISBN 0-9639260-2-0 see note 1
"YOKOSUKA: Base of an Empire" Tom Tompkins October 1981, ISBN 0891410880 .


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NR 3, Inc. One Centerpoint Boulevard, New Castle, DE 19720-4172, USA, (800) 201-7575 - A Hero Perished : The Diary and Selected Letters of Nile Kinnick - Ships in 2-3 days - Paul Baender (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1992 Our Price: $12.76. Hardcover / Published 1992 Our Price: $29.95 .

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