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The NEGISHI 'GRANDSTANDS' are a familiar sight to thousands of YOHI alumni -- indeed all visitors to Yokohama -- as they dominated the skyline before the high-rise buildings in recent years.  They were built long before the "occupation" began in 1945 and were used then by the Japanese [and the international community] for racing and recreation.  They sustained damage during WW II, and were generally "off limits" to further use .  When I visited them in 1947 they were in disrepair and dangerous, but alumni still used them for various purposes.

They are located on the Western portion of the "Bluff" area -- and were within the boundaries of what was originally known as Area X dependent housing -- later renamed Negishi Heights.    They were located directly across a narrow gravel road from the YOHI teen club -- NEET NAC -- for those that were early arrivals in Yokohama and when the club was located there -- see map inset.

The pictures you see here of the 'stands' were provided by Cathy Johnson, class of 1982.  Her Father, who lives in Yokohama, sent them to her and she chose to share them with us.  They are priceless, and we are grateful to her and him for their kindness.

More information about the 'Stands' can be obtained by visiting the site referenced below -- which explains some of the pictures that follow:

http://www.cfay.navy.mil/negishi.htm broklink.gif (12348 bytes)


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In the late 40's and early 50's, the NEET-NAC was located in a building directly in front of the cars parked in the lower right of this picture.  The area then included only one building -- the NEET-NAC -- and the rest of the area where you now see buildings and trees, was a make-shift golf course -- nothing like the fancy ones we see in this country today -- but playable.   The "BLUFF" YOHI -- 1947-1952 -- was located approximately where you see the large building located between the two slanted supports within the two vertical columns in the far left center of the picture.


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A roof top view showing the Minato Mirai 21 [tallest building in Japan] near the train station in downtown Yokohama on the left, and the observation tower built in the South end of Yamashita Park on the far right.


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