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Charles Stodter, John McCloskey, Jack Pinhero, Fred Kurdziolek, Charles Cronin, Richard Bernstrom

Joan Riggins, Virginia Browne, Constance Fritz, Lowel Newman, Thomas McGregor, Groves Thompson, William Shunk

Sharon O'Hanlon, Jean Fuller, Virginia Todd, Mary O'dell, Iva Hurst, Mary Fox, Jack Dimon

Rob Roy McGregor, Richard Stoltz, Frances Hagen, Virginia Mountz, Dorothy Grandholm, Bertram Barnes, Edward Craver

Absent: James Hyatt


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"Hush now little angels and you will hear the story of my classmates in Japan.  Jackie, push that cloud over to the left a little, will you?  Ah-h-h, that's right.  Well, when I was in Yokohama in 1948 --let me see now --that was about fifty years ago--what's that, Gerry?  How did you die?  Well, one night I decided to take a little stroll to Mt Fuji.  I was whistling through my teeth the gay tune of the time, "shi-na-no-yoru" (China Nights).  Ole Diabutsu must have really had it out for me that night, 'cause somehow I slipped on my geta and fell into the beautiful crater of Fuji.  But here my children is the story (Virginia Mountz):

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  • Frances Hagen was a veterinarian specializing in dogs and excluding all wolves.

  • D.A. Granholm became an advertising artist and designer for the Junior Bazaar.

  • Pat Fox married an Eskimo, settled down in Alaska, and raised a lot of little "huskies".

  • Before his death, Dick Diller broke the speed record of Barney Oldfield.

  • After four years of college Fred Kurdziolek played a few years of pro-ball and then became a physical education instructor.

  • When Jim Hyatt's bowling alley failed, he became a great engineer.

  • Dick Bernstrom cured many of my sick dogs. Yes, sir, he was a mighty fine veterinarian.

  • I was mighty proud of my assistant secretary, Iva Hurst. We worked hard in our employers office!

  • Mary O'Dell was one of the best dress designers of the time. She designed many of Nellie Gassman's clothes, in fact, Nellie was the best dressed first grade teacher in her state.

  • Biff Barnes, the great engineer, was given a great deal of work by Jack Dimon, who was in the oil business in South America.

  • Bill Shunk, the General of the United States Army, made many safe trips across the continent--thanks to the capable piloting of Jack Pinhero. And the stewardess, Sharon O'Hanlon, certainly made his trips comfortable.

  • The school lost the best physical education teacher they had when Jean Fuller left to marry and live in a vine-covered cottage.

  • James Patrick was a chemistry professor in Upper Slobovia, until Tony Craver blew the P.U. University up with his electrical engineering.

  • Ginny Browne had her own musical show on the radio every Sunday evening at eight o'clock.

  • Groves Thompson, or better known to all of us as "Old Doc Thompson", was about the best horse vet in many a mile.

  • Chuck Stodter chose the Army for his career. (He didn't like to work).

  • "Rick" Stoltz was the "Ace" photographer on several of the most important magazines.  

  • Chuck Cronin was the architect who designed the capitol for the forty-ninth state of America.

  • The fellows at West Point had as hard a time telling Rob Roy and Thomas McGregor apart as I did, but both of them turned out with high honors.

  • John MCCloskey made the grade - he was the best surgeon of the 49th General Hospital.

  • Virginia Todd became an old maid school teacher.

  • Connie Fritz was a dress designer for Paramount.

  • Joan Riggins became a physical education teacher in her old home town.

  • O, Hello, Buzz, I was just telling the children about our chums in old YAHS.  Run along with Reverend Newman now, children, or you'll be late for evening prayer. 


  • I, Dick Bernstrom, will my engraved desk (Nutty) to Dave Spurlock.

  • I, Patricia Fox, will my timidity to Shirley Stevens.

  • I, Jim Hyatt, will my gum supply to Tom Mullan.

  • I, Fred Kurdziolik, will the shoe strings from my basketball shoes to Richard Kneale.

  • I, Dick Stoltz, will my ping pong talent to Bob Slade.

  • I, Iva Hurst, will my blue and white clothes to any future senior.

  • I, Nellie Gassman, will my Texas drawl to Ginger Larkin.

  • I, Biff Barnes, will my handsome physique to Roland Moss.

  • I, Chuck Stodter, will my lasting love to Walt Henderson.

  • I, Sharon O'Hanlon, will my fickleness to Margie Ratterman.

  • I, Virginia Mountz, will my daily train ride to Donna Abbott.

  • I, Charles Cronin, will my complete set of text books to anyone who'll take them.

  • I, Jim Patrick, will my blue and white hat to Hazel Stodter.

  • I, Groves Thompson, will my distinction to Walt Henderson.

  • I, Thomas McGregor, will my radiant smile to all the juniors using "pepsodent'.

  • I, Rob Roy McGregor, will my intellectualism to Bob Slade.

  • I, Dorothy (D. A.) Granholm, will my cheer leader sweater to Patsy Fuller.   


  • Sep 15 - Well, no more midnight parties, Bankers Club or Country Club for a while. Why? School!!!

  • Oct 10 - Pep rally and dance in gym.

  • Oct 15 - We lost our first football game to 598th Engr.

  • Oct 17 - Swell Dance in gym, Octagonions played.

  • Oct 19 - We finally got all our books. Too bad, now we get more homework.

  • Oct 28 - We tied 2nd Major Port 6-6. "Tex" Weisler stole the ball on a 2nd Port reverse and ran for the "TD".

  • Nov 2 - Well we lost again, Hqs 2nd Major Port 6-0. Better luck next time.

  • Nov 5 - Night game! 12th Special Service beat us 19-0.

  • Nov 8 - Carolyn Buck leaves for the states today. "Ginger" Welch leaves in two weeks. We sure hate to see them go.

  • Nov 16 - 229th Ord. We did better in this game. Roland Moss blocked a kick and recovered it for a "TD". He then caught a pass from Fred Kurdziolek for the extra point.

  • Nov 27 - Thanksgiving, and the "Neet-Nac" opened for a big party.

  • Dec 10 - "Hardie" broke his arm in a football game behind the "Neet-Nac".

  • Dec 19 - No school for two weeks. Christmas Holidays. All classes have a party. Seniors have a party at the "Neet-Nac".

  • Dec 31 - New Years party at the "Neet-Nac". Lots of fun.

  • Jan 1 - Happy New Year (oh-h-h my head).

  • Jan 6 - We won our first basketball game. We beat St Joseph's College.

  • Jan 9 - We won again, 8001st Trucking Co. The British Poet, Edmond Blunden, was the assembly speaker.

  • Jan 16 - Victory! We beat St Joseph's again.

  • Jan 23 - We lost! 2nd Major Port beat in a benefit game for the March of Dimes.

  • Jan 30 - Well, we finally got our football sweaters. (Seniors got keys also).

  • Feb 1 - Eighteen boys leave for Shiga Heights. (What a card game).

  • Feb 3 - Joyce Lott and Bruce Savin leave for the states.

  • Feb 8 - New Semester. One extra period & lots of new students, (especially girls).

  • Feb 9 - "Jackie" Graham, "Tom" and "Gerry" Sack leave for states.

  • Feb 10 - 933rd. Sayonara. We won 14-28.

  • Feb 13 - Today, Friday, nobody is dead or has broken bones (except Hardie), in fact today is our lucky day. We beat 12th Spec Svc, revenge for football.

  • Feb 14 - Valentine Dance at "Neet-Nac". Ginger Larkin voted "Queen of Hearts".

  • Feb 17 - Sorrow and tears, Hqs Comd't beat us 87-53.

  • Feb 20 - More revenge for football. We beat 598th Engr 44-34.

  • Feb 24 - Close score until last quarter but we beat 46th Engr 36-47.

  • Feb 27 - Lt Col Yates, RACE, was the assembly speaker today.

  • Mar 1 - We won again, 8th Army Special Service 34-17.

  • Mar 2-6 - "Pat" Platt, Nellie Gassman, Jim Patrick and Dick Diller leave for the states. We sure hate to see them go.

  • Mar 5 - High School Championship of Japan was won by Y.H.S. The score? Tokyo High 27 - Yokohama High 64!!!!!

  • Mar 12 - Played 598th Engineers in Fryer Gym. Score 598th 35, Y.H.S - 46. Dr Holmes spoke on Education in Japan at the assembly program.

  • Mar 20 - Basketball team goes to Kyoto for a game. Score: Kyoto 8, Y.H.S. 63.

  • Mar 25 - Thomas McCollom leaves for ZI today.

  • Mar 26 - Holiday, Good Friday. Good!

  • Mar 26 - Our last basketball game. Yo-Hi 26, Tokyo 21. Close!

  • Mar 26 - Yo-Hi girls 17, Tokyo girls 19. Tough! Tough!

  • Apr 2 - Major Smith addresses assembly on safe driving.

  • Apr 6 - Holiday. Army Day.

  • Apr 20 - Dance at "Neet-Nac". Everyone had a swell time.

  • May 3 - Olympic Pool opened today!

  • May 7 - Softball game with 577th Composite Service Company. We won.

  • May 8 - "Hardie" Glasgow leaves for the states.

  • May 8 - Softball game with Military Govt.

  • May 26 - Big dance at "Neet-Nac".

  • May 29 - Track meet with Tokyo H.S.  We won again.

  • Jun 11 - Graduation Day.  We had a lot of fun & we sure will miss good old Y.H.S.