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Shortly after the "occupation" began in 1945, the U. S. Military began acquiring Japanese facilities for use by U. S. and Allied Forces.   In that process some of the facilities were renamed to honor persons or events from WW II.  This stadium was one of them.  This stadium, located in Meiji Park in central Tokyo, was built for the 'Olympics' scheduled for the 40's.   It was used by the U. S. Army as a recreational facility -- and was renamed Kinnick Stadium in honor of Nile Kinnick.   Below is a picture of that stadium.   It shows a pre-season "scrimmage" football game I played in on Friday 10 October 1947 between Yo-Hi [0] and the 598th Engineer Base Depot [6].  In 1947,   Yo-Hi regular season football games were all against teams belonging to military organizations located in the Yokohama and Tokyo area.


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As an example of how the stadium was used, here is a 'program' of a football game between the Navy at Yokosuka and the 1st Cav Division of Tokyo where it specifically mentions the stadium.


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