Welcome to all Yo-Hi students, faculty and friends,
past, present and future!



     It is difficult to determine how and when the various alumni groups evolved, but essentially they all seem to be divided into 4 different basic High School "Groups":
     1. The "Bluff" Group - For former students and faculty who attended when the School was located on the "Bluff". It covers the years September 1947 through June 1952
     2. The "Beach" Group - Those attending when the High School was located at Nasugbu Beach, in Yokohama, starting in September 1952 through June 1960. This group is also known as the Former Students Association (FSA), and has an open membership. In other words, membership is open to anyone that attended Yo-Hi regardless of school year. The expansion and development of this group continues at a steady pace and has the largest membership.
     3. The "Yokohama - Kinnick" Group - For those attending when the school was renamed the Nile C. Kinnick (Navy Dependent School) in 1960 (while at the Nasugbu Beach location), and then moved to Yokosuka in 1971.
     4. The "Yokosuka - Kinnick" Group – This group includes those that attended from 1971 until the present
    These groups are primarily for high school members but include students and faculty from the Nasugbu Beach, Negishi Heights (Byrd), Sullivans and Callaghan Elementary Schools, St Joseph's College, and other "system" schools as well.
     The Former Students Association (FSA) was initially started sometime in 1994 by Dottie Ennis (55). The organization had around 100-125 members, and held small two day reunions every other year. The 1998 reunion was held in San Antonio, Texas, and there were 68 exes and spouses in attendance. This was my first ever reunion and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Some how I got elected General Chairman, and was asked to locate as many lost and missing exes as possible before the 2000 reunion in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. There were 235 exes and spouses in attendance for the 2000 reunion. Presently we hold reunions yearly, and the site of the reunion is changed every year.
     Dottie passed away in 2005, and we revamped the organization by creating a Vice-chairperson’s position, Secretary, Treasurer, Directory Editor, and Scholarship Committee. Members of the Scholarship Committee are not voting members. First order of business was to create the Dottie Ennis Abernathy Scholarship, of $1,000.00, to be awarded to a deserving Yo-Hi senior. The name of the scholarship was changed after 3 years to the Former Students Association Scholarship, and is still presented each year.
     Recently the Board of Directors voted to expand by selecting a new position of Media Director, and including the Scholarship Chairman as voting members, giving us a 7 member board.
     Dues for the Former Students Association (FSA) are just $10.00* per year, and provide several services which are mentioned below. Services provided:
     1. The FSA Directory that is sent out in January of each year to those members that submit dues before the December 31 deadline.
     2. Cost of printing and mailing out of a by-yearly paper copy of the Honey-Bucket News to those exes that have submitted dues for the year, but do not have computers.
     3. The (FSA) scholarship, of $1000.00 is awarded each year to a deserving senior from Yo-Hi.
     4. Dues are used to give startup funds to the hosts of each year’s reunion.
     5. The Red Devil Raffle that rewards the lucky winner by paying for their registration fee and two nights stay at the reunion hotel. 
     6. Class recognition awards for those attending their 50th Class Anniversary.
     7. Also, small appreciation awards for those individuals that host our reunions, or are recognized for their service to the (FSA).
     We presently have over 930 people listed on the roster, and they range from the class of 1948 to 1978, however only about 400 actually pay dues. Those that do not pay dues will not receive the FSA Directory. Of the 930 people listed on the roster, about 700 have a current e-mail address, and are provided with a bi-monthly electronic newsletter entitled “The Honey-Bucket News”. Things such as monthly birthdays, reunion information, who’s been found, who passed away, memoirs, short stories provided by the exes or teachers, and other related articles are included.

* - Editor's Note:  Effective January 1, 2018 membership dues were adjusted to $15.00 per year.